July 24, 2024

Rahul Gandhi Praises Indian Diaspora for Upholding Indian Flag in the United States

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During his visit to the United States, Rahul Gandhi, former president of the Indian National Congress, expressed his admiration for the Indian diaspora and their representation of the country while addressing a gathering in California. He commended the diaspora for acting as ambassadors of India and encouraged Indian students studying in the U.S. to consider returning to their homeland.

Gandhi acknowledged the significant contributions of the Indian American community and attributed the positive perceptions of Indians in the United States to their achievements and conduct. He expressed gratitude to the diaspora for proudly displaying the Indian flag in America, exemplifying the essence of Indian identity, respecting American culture, fostering mutual learning, and making the entire nation proud.

In response to a question from a student at UC Berkeley regarding concerns about the treatment of India’s youth and wrestlers, Gandhi emphasized the importance of the country’s young people and their potential to contribute to its progress. He encouraged those who felt inclined to return to India to do so, highlighting the value of their skills and energy in serving the nation.

The context of the question referred to protests by Indian wrestlers in New Delhi, demanding the arrest of the wrestling federation chief for alleged sexual harassment of female athletes. Prominent wrestlers, including Olympic medalists, participated in the protests, which gained global attention and prompted calls for athlete protection from organizations like the International Olympic Committee.

Gandhi also addressed the portrayal of India in the media, stating that the country’s reality differs from what is often depicted. He emphasized that the media tends to promote a particular narrative that may not accurately reflect the situation. Gandhi shared his personal experience during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, a nationwide journey he embarked on, and highlighted the strength of India’s diversity. He stressed the importance of combating hatred in society through love and affection, outlining his party’s stance on various political issues in India.

Overall, Gandhi’s address highlighted the significance of the Indian diaspora, encouraged Indian students abroad to consider returning to India, and shed light on his perspective on India’s social and political landscape.

Article source: https://www.newindiaabroad.com/rahul-gandhi-lauds-diaspora-for-holding-up-the-indian-flag/

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