July 24, 2024

Majority and Minority

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Globally there are questions related to roles of majority and minority.  The
threshold which makes a community minority is not even clearly defined .What is
the maximum percentile of population to be classified ? 10% or 15% ? What is the
basis of distinction ? In different countries in different ways.
In some countries it may be religion, in some places it goes by the color of skin,
and elsewhere by basis of tribe or  cultural divide. In USA, about twelve per cent of
population is black and the majority are of white skin though both are Christian . In
European countries it is by color Nowadays they have come up with a third group-
Latino. Most of the population is Christian . In most African nations the distinction
of majority and minority is by tribe or religion –Christian and Islam.
India was a Hindu country for thousands of years. India survived onslaughts
for centuries . Only after the invasion from Arab , Middle East , Mongols, Turk ,
Moguls , Uzbeks the situation changed. . From twelfth century onward the invaders
never returned to their own land with booty collected by blood coddling tortures and
deaths on Hindus. They settled down in India to rule with peace-loving Hindus as serfs.
India went down under the control of the Muslim invaders. So for the past eight
hundred years—first six hundred years by the Muslims and next two hundred years by
the Christians—the country was run by foreign invaders. The ruling class was the
Muslims and the Christians. The majority Hindus were subjected to torments,
brutalities, persecutions and deaths in the hands of the minority. So the concept of
“majority rules” does not apply to India . During those eight hundred years—it was the
“ minority rules “ that prevailed in India The minority actually controlled the country.
Same way it is now .
However the burden of liberation of the country was upon the Hindus .At the freedom
movement participation by the Muslim population was far below their ratio of
population. Yet , the Muslim leaders played a game of blood at the advent of
independence. As rulers they liked to live with Hindus – not on equal vote basis.
They claimed for a division of the country on the basis of religion. They were
about 18% of population . In free democratic India they cannot rule India like before .
So they pressurized Gandhi, Nehru and other Congress leaders to gave in to the
Muslim demands to divide India into into three parts.
The Great Calcutta killing was kicked off by Bengal Chief Minister Suhrawardy on
16th August 1946 in which in about one week’s time about ten thousands of Hindus
were driven out and or killed .

. After that incident, the Hindu leaders instead of stern measures to stop the

carnage bowed down to the Muslims and accepted their demand of cutting India in
three parts. Two parts were given to Pakistan.
After truncating of India, Muslims made two parts into Islamic Pakistan . Then India
 left with about eight per cent of Muslims ,88% of Hindus and Hindus adopted Secular
model. The Congress leaders gave in to the minority demand and made a Himalayan
blunder by creating separate law for the Muslims in secular India. That too after
yielding to cutting of India and allowing to create Islamic Pakistan .
So even after the independence on the 15th August 1947 there is a separate law for
the Muslims for marriage and other civil matters. So Muslims can marry four wives at a
time and so population of Muslims grew rapidly. Now it is once again inching towards
pre-partition eighteen per cent Muslim. There were other facilities for the Muslim
population like Haj centers, subsidy of Haj pilgrimage whereas in their own country the
Hindus pay high price for Amarnath pilgrimage for camps, risking their lives to the
. The Hindu temples are coming under the control of the government whereas the
Muslims and the Christians have all the freedom to run the Mosques and Churches,
Schools in whatever manner they like. The Hindu establishments are coming under
the control of Government which is unheard of in any secular democracy.
Right from the time of Nehru practice of appeasing the minorities and pressurizing the
Hindus is continuing. And after coming of Catholic born Sonia Gandhi and scion Rahul
Gandhi at the center, they are doing everything possible to divide the country once
again by religion, so that the Christian world of Europe and America can take advantage
of the situation. This will appease the Muslims and the Arab world. Hindus are used to
insults & injuries, , depravations & injustices and deaths – they will accept this too, as

Flouting the constitution , special quotas & fundings are allocated to people of Islam ,
to the detriment of majority Hindus. So not only the Muslims cut out
India for their own land of Pakistan , but now in remaining part of India , as their
population growth is almost one hundred per cent , they are exercising “minority rule “
by proxy . Anti-national power-hungry political parties are
ready to destabilize India to keep hold on power.
The present Government is overwhelmed with tentacles of in-bred corruption and
faulted security of India by allowing to divulge defense secrets . The defense
armaments & resources are allowed to be compromised . To hide all these scandals
and corruption scams from people they want to continue in power at all costs.
The present ministry is therefore desperate to hold power even stooping at the nether

There should be one law for everyone. One person cannot have four wives and easy
divorce laws. Minority or majority. With the easy divorce laws Muslim minority can just
get rid of old wives . That is not a humane approach to marriage and society. That
must be stopped. The marriage and divorce laws should be same for all citizens of
India. When all persons are at par the country can prosper.
The matter is different for Scheduled caste and scheduled tribe population. They need
some kind of protection. They were at the periphery of society during those Muslim
and Christian rules of eight hundred years.
Otherwise ,the entire population is to have equal rights – that is how the country
should be—where everyone is equal before law and religion must not have any role
in governance of India. Like nations in America , in Europe. No favoritism .
India first – to be the watchword.

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