April 14, 2024

Discussion between Indian Army Training Command and Rajiv Malhotra

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With the publication of Rajiv Malhotra and Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji’s book “Sanskrit Non-Translatables” in November 2020,

Then, in January 2021, the debut of the”Artificial Intelligence” is a game-changing book.Infinity and the Future of Power.The Foundation has strengthened its position.a position of leadership in the field of An Indian’s perspective on civilisation perspective.Given the ongoing success of both,novels, as well as the demand for more unique content .We are continuing our research and insights.Place a premium on lively debates and In the month of April, we looked into AI and SNT.The deadline is June 2021.Rajiv Malhotra and Rajiv Malhotra had a discussion.as well as the Indian Army Training Command


This is the first of a two-part virtual conversation.In collaboration with the Indian Army Training Command Rajiv Malhotra engages virtually in (ARTRAC) with about 3,000 officers from the Indian Army from over 26 stations, to talk about crucial takeaways from his new book Artificial Intelligence and the Future of


Lt. Gen. Raj Shukla describes ARTRAC’s vision and goals in comprehending modern and emerging technologies and their special significance to security and geopolitical components, as well as the importance of Rajiv’s book in these discussions. They explore India’s and China’s geostrategic paths over the last few decades, culminating in their different AI capabilities.
They discuss the conflict between the United States and China, as well as the China-Pakistan alliance, and how India is not doing enough purva-paksa on many of these strategic issues. They also analyse the differences in Chinese and Indian approaches to their civilizations, such as how, while China kept old thought systems and integrated them with modern aspects, India adopted second-hand western constructs that went against its grain. They also discuss the significance of kshatriyata in the development of a nation. Video.

Image Source: Infinity Foundation


Rajiv Malhotra takes questions from a number of attendees as part of his virtual talk with the Indian Army Training Command (ARTRAC), providing crucial insights from his recent book Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power.
Maj Gen BS Dhanoa discusses the challenges the Indian Army faces in joining the AI big league. Recent funding and initiatives in this direction, which are admittedly baby steps, have also been revealed. 

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