July 24, 2024

Kashmir Files

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The present-day Kashmir derived its name from Kashyapamar, named after Rishi Kashyapa. Rajtarangini records the name of kingdoms there for 34 generations, dating that too close to about four thousand years. Study and the deeper study was the fabric of society there. A large number of pandits were engrossed there in pursuit of knowledge.

Muslims first came there around 1300 AD.process of depressing Hindus, the original descendants of the land, started thereafter.

“Great Calcutta Killing of 16 Aug 1946” organized by a provincial prime(chief) minister Sohrabuddin of Undivided Bengal did create panic among the congress leaders. Instead of strict action against the Muslim League and Sohrabuddin, they succumbed to their threat and agreed to part with  Mother India into three pieces and give up two pieces to Muslims to turn the secular land into Islamic land.

Relentless the Muslims are using any kind of devilish acts to kill and drive away the Hindus. Women are the victims of horror rape and abduction. The peak of killing, burning, and driving out the Hindus reached in the 1990s when killed and were given out. Unfortunately, Indian Media has a peculiar pattern of censoring the news of atrocities, deaths, and horrors on Hindus. So hardly any Hindus know the fate of Hindus in Kashmir only after traffic distribution of social media the people came to know some info only on a solitary basis. So the object of the Kashmir Files appears to be to depict horrors that came down on the lives of Hindu  inhabitants of Kashmir as it was on a clean bare etching as it happen to the Hindus 

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