June 20, 2024

A Day in West Bengal as Reported in The Most Prominent Daily

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Religious ceremonies have a year-round presence in West Bengal in different forms and colors. Janmashtami, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja, Jagadhatri Puja, Saraswati Puja, Shivratri and others in between. Also, Bengalis have made Ganesh Puja, Chhat Puja, and Dhanterash their own. Festivities on the occasion of Eid are very prominent. Christmas and New Year’s are big occasions with lights, colors, and festivals with people agog in excitement. 

These are facts. But the lives of the ordinary and in fact most of the people are altogether different for most of those 365 days. 

As Reported in the Newspaper Anandabazar Patrika on 21st Jan 2023.

Page 1. – Headline 

Question to State Government by the justice of Calcutta High Court:

Why the State Government appointing the Municipal Chief in Jhalda, Purulia from the ruling party- Trinamool Congress? Show some respect to the court.

Page1- 2nd Headline

Justice Mantha was aggrieved in the absenteeism:

They do not talk of boycotts but in reality, the government lawyers are not attending the seat of Justice Mantha. On that Justice Mantha said, it cannot run like this.

If it goes this way, then the constitutional system will break down. Hearings are going on in cases involving demonstrations, agitation, and stoppage of work in Justice Mantha’s Seat by the government lawyers. The representatives from the Bar Council of India visited this court and submitted the report. It is surprising that the absence still continues.

Page 1 – 3rd Headline

Welfare schemes if voted: Kakoli

If Trinamool is not voted then you will not get welfare schemes.

                          AS REPORTED BY THE MESSENGER AS IT IS.

If you don’t vote for Trinamool, then you will not get Ration rice, Kanyashree, Swastha Sathi, etc: Kakoli Ghosh Dostidar, Member of Parliament from Barasat.

Kakoli Ghosh Dostidar:

Who is the panchayat member?

Someone said: BJP’s.

Kakoli Ghosh Dostidar: Why do you not give it to her? As you

Vote for BJP, so you will receive accordingly (eg. not receive anything).


One woman: We will not give the vote to Trinamool in the panchayat.

Kakoli Ghosh Dostidar: Nothing will happen. Will not get rice, not get Laxmi Bhandar, not get Kanyashree, not get Swastha Sathi. Will not get anything if Mamata Banerjee is not there.

A report spread on 5-column width:

In the employment of school teachers, unprecedented mammoth corruption broke out and ED raided the residential flats of youth Trinamool leaders, Kuntal and Shantanu. 

A headmaster is warned.

In Bankura, headmaster Sakhi Gopal Roy asked visiting MP Mala Roy about payment of DA to the teachers. What he got back is a threatening warning for his performance. 

Just this first page shows enormous law and order problems fulminating into violence, soaked with unebbing corruption destroying the normal fabric of life in West Bengal.

One aspect is worthy of notice – The terrifying silence of the intellectuals.

                                                                                             India World Report.

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